12 September 2012

Kiwiberry1-Collection GnG/Dueba A12 Burn Grey Circle Lens Review

 GnG/Dueba A12 Burn Grey

If there would be any other color of lenses that would be suitable for morenas aside from the usual brown, it would definitely be grey. This is because it blends really well with the dark eyes that we naturally have. Anyway, this would be the second grey lenses that I would be trying out and this pair is generously sponsored by Kiwiberry1-collection.com. :)

Details about the GnG/Dueba A12 Burn Grey from their Website:
Color:  Grey
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 38%

Packaging and Service:

This pair came in with the GnG/Dueba ML5 Rose Aqua Blue that I previously reviewed. Again, the vials were properly packed in a bubble wrap and they came in on time. As for the customer service, they usually take time to reply to emails sometimes, but they're really nice and accommodating when doing so.

Color, Design, Enlargement and Comfort:

Without flash / Natural Lighting
With flash (Too much flash in my opinion. HAHA!)

I love how the GnG/Dueba A12 Burn Grey blend well in my eyes because of the design. It looks like fire, hence, the name Burn. :) The contact lens itself is not pixelated when worn which makes it look more natural. The color is very subtle, too. There's actually more black than grey in this pair because of the design. But I like it! It suits my dark eyes really well. It's not overwhelming even without heavy make up on.

These are 14.5 mm lenses and the enlargement is really visible. The dark ring also makes my eyes appear larger. As for the comfort, I did not experience any problems using the lenses. But I haven't tried using them for more than 4 hours. By the way, I switched solutions. I didn't like the contact lens solution that I was previously using.

Overall, I like these lenses. If they were prescription lenses, I would definitely use them everyday because of its subtlety. It would have been better though if there was more grey in the lenses than black. But other than that, I am really satisfied with this pair and Kiwiberry1-collection.com's service as well! :)

Check out Kiwiberry1-Collection.com now to get your own pair of circle lens. They are based in Canada and they ship internationally. Not only do they carry circle lenses, but also false lashes to complete your look!

Thanks Kiwiberry1-Collection.com for sponsoring this review!

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XO, Mish


  1. These look great! I love how enlarging they are!

  2. love the grey contacts! make your eyes lovely :)


  3. Mi piace tuo blog , viene a trovarmi al mio :


    Oltre al mondo della moda, ci occuperemo di vari argomenti come: la bellezza, l'architettura, l'arredamento, la cultura pop, di viaggio, i luoghi, le persone e il cibo.

    Vi aspetto..


  4. Beautiful eyes!
    SHEINSIDE GIVEAWAY on my blog, hope you can join it :)


  5. everyone is wearing those!! love them!


  6. I like that grey color, it looks quite natural. Your face is looking pleasing with it and looks like a nice royal color.

  7. nice, the color looks good on you, i want to wear contact lenses also, but i don't know how to put it! and i'm scared, im thankful that i have a natural brown eyes!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

    1. Thanks dear! Nako it's not scary! :) Practice lang!

  8. I love the lenses a lot, looks natural and enlargement is visible too~
    You look gorgeous wearing them ^^

  9. That looks so cool!


  10. I love circle lenses. So far, I've been using the black ones. I want to try grey lenses next! This one looks really natural!

    1. I haven't tried black ones yet. :) Although I don't want to try kasi parang ganon lang din. Haha!


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