16 August 2012

Sexy Eyes In A Box

Hello girls! This would be the 3rd, but definitely not the last, of the blog posts featuring ELF CosmeticsFor this post, I'll be doing a FOTD/review of the ELF Smokey Eye Set in Beautiful Browns. Again, I would like to thank ELF Cosmetics Philippines for letting me try out their products! 

I find smokey eyes tricky to do. Gray/black smokey eye makeup do not really compliment my skin well. They tend to make me look like a panda. I prefer brown eye make up more because it is subtle and natural so I was really eager to try out this smokey eye set from ELF. I am not really good with eye makeup, but this product is so easy to use. There are instructions on how to achieve the perfect smokey at the back of the box. You may experiment but the key to a perfect smokey eye is to blend, blend and blend. :)

The set contains a Brightening Eyeliner in Coffee, Lengthening and Defining Mascara in Brown, Brightening Eye Color in Butternut, an Eye Smudge Brush, and a Mechanical Eyelash Curler.

The Eye Color Quad is personally my favorite because the colors are vivid and easy to blend. It is glittery too, which makes it also perfect for night use. I used another brush though because I already destroyed the sponge applicator that came with it lol. The Brightening Eyeliner is amaaazing! It glides on quickly and the color stays on. I have not noticed any smudging, but the weather was not that humid. I used it with the Eye Smudge Brush which is perfect in blending out the eye liner. I am not really a fan of Mechanical Eyelash Curlers since I have my lashes permed every now and then and my lashes are literally flat, but I gave this product a try. It doesn't hurt my eyes while using it but I wasn't able to achieve the curl that I wanted. The Lengthening and Defining Mascara's consistency is quite thick so I had a hard time applying it on my lashes. But I used it on my brows and it works really well! 

Top - Cotton On

Overall, I really love this set because everything you'll need for a smokey eye is already in it.  Although I have issues with the packaging of some of the items, the product itself is really commendable. The colors are great and the smokey eye look is definitely achieved!  What I love more about this product is that it is very affordable. It only costs 399 pesos in all ELF stalls nationwide. Awesome, right?

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Don't forget to check out ELF Cosmetics Philippines' Facebook Page :)

What do you think of this product?

XO, Mish



  1. wow.. nice makeup ^^
    btw I like your eyelash, long and thick

  2. i loveeeeee e.l.f reviews! I am going to do a giant haul of their stuff this week! Your eyemakeup looks really simple and pretty.

    1. thanks, Jacky! I am not really a fan of extreme makeup. teehee! :)

  3. you really know what you are doing!!!:))0great job!


  4. This set looks fool-proof! having a eyelash curler and pencil brush definitely is a bonus :D!

    btw, what lip gloss/ lipstick you wore in the photo? looked lovely :D!

    1. Totally! <3 I used Estee Lauder Lipstick in Rose Tea. :)

  5. Great review! I love your eyelashes!! They're really long! i love ELF products too <3

    I'm a new follower. Hope you could follow me back! :))


    1. Aww thanks, Iya! I wish they were curly though. :p

  6. I love ELF Cosmetics!!
    I can find everything I need and it is cheap and works perfectly..
    I prefer dark eye make-up but on you this brown smokey is perfect, it makes your eyes deeper =D


    1. I agree! Dark make up don't really suit me well so I prefer subtle make up such as browns. :)

  7. Your eyes look so so pretty! It's a really subtle brown smokey eye, perfect for during the day :) My brown smokey eye makeup is a bit darker, I tend to wear it more for nighttime with more product on :) I've never tried or even heard of ELF (I live in Australia, maybe that's why?) but after seeing this, I'm really impressed with their products! :D Thanks for sharing <3

    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

    1. They're now expanding! In no time, they'll probably be in Australia already. ELF products are really amazing, aside from they're really cheap! :)

  8. Great review! I love elf products!! The lashes, liners, and brushes are a must for me :)


  9. you look so beautiful with the makeup, love the shades! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  10. Wow, you look so pretty!


  11. great post!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new international jewellery/accessory giveaway to win one of two prizes!

  12. it's very helpful post :) thank you.

  13. It looks great! :)



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