25 August 2012

Lens Village - Geo Fresh Brown Lens FC724 Review

It's hard to wear glasses all the time. Especially when it's hot and humid and your glasses droop down your nose because of sweat. Happens to me all the time. So I opt to wear prescription contact lenses every now and then so that I won't have to wear my glasses anymore. The best thing about prescription contact lenses is that you could play up with your eye color depending on your mood and liking. 

Anyway, I think I just found the one! ❤ The Geo Fresh Brown Lens FC724 pair sent to me by LensVillage.com is so far my most favorite pair. LensVillage.com, by the way, is an online store based in Malaysia that sells a wide range of circle lenses up to 400+ design and colors. 

Info about the Geo Fresh Brown Lens FC724 from LensVillage.com

Diameter : 14mm
Base Curve : 8.60mm
Water Content : 38~42%
Life Span : 1 Year
Power Available : 0.00 to -7.00
Manufacturer : GEO Medical


Packaging and Service:

LensVillage.com were very prompt in responding to emails and in sending out the lenses. They were also very generous in asking me what products I would personally like to try out and for sending lenses with prescription. Their customer service is definitely commendable.

As for the packaging of the products, the vials were placed in a styro-like wrap which kept is secured from getting squished. They also included a instruction manual on how to use the lenses and the cutest, most decent business card I have received so far. They also included the cutest animal case for the lenses in my favorite color, green!

Color, Design, Enlargement and Comfort:

With flash. My eyes got bit by an insect, thus, the uneven eyes.
No flash, natural light
Geo Fresh Brown lenses are the most natural looking lenses ever!!! They literally disappeared in my dark brown eyes. The color is very subtle. It is kind of hazel-y, but it turns into dark brown when worn. The design does not appear too pixelated when worn, but it just seem like a gradient of brown in my eyes. There was a very minimal enlargement that I got from this pair, but enough to give my eyes a doll eye effect. This pair is definitely something I could wear everyday without getting any weird looks from people. 

The best thing about this is that everything is so clear and vivid! It's like I had lasik surgery or something. Haha! The bottomline is there's no need for me to wear my glasses anymore.

This pair is comfortable, too! I had no problems figuring out which is the right side. I also had no issues while wearing it. But I have not wore it for more than 6 hours and I used drops every now and then to keep my eyes hydrated. I actually forgot that I was wearing them!

More photos:

Top: Thrifted, Necklace: c/o Charlene Ajose

If you want a natural looking pair of circle lens, this is perfect for you! This pair suits Asians really well. I would not recommend this though for people who wants to have vivid hazel or brown eyes. If you are feeling daring, I suggest you check out LensVillage.com's wide range of lenses including products from GEO Medical, EOS, Dueba and Vassen. I assure you that they have a pair of your chosen diameter and color.  Anyway, please do watch out for a giveaway with LensVillage.com here in my blog soon. 

For the mean time, please do visit their sites:

Blog - www.blog.lensvillage.com

XO, Mish


  1. They look nice and natural! :)

  2. Wow~ I like how the design is subtle but definitely visible~ >u<

    1. Yes, it's very subtle. You almost cannot see the design which I really like!

  3. I had these in grey, I liked them a lot! These brown ones are nice too :)

  4. They look great on you - they definitely have a doll vibe without bordering on creepy :) Unfortunately I'd need very specific contacts for designs to work with me because I am pretty much half blind and also because I am scared as heck about ordering contacts online.


    1. Nothing to be scared about. Some online shops like lensvillage.com sells authentic contact lenses

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  8. i really love this contact lenses, the color is perfect and your eyes more!

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  10. Those lenses look so great on you!
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  17. Amazing color, love it !!!! SO pretty on you ;-)


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