09 June 2012

Be Chic and Back to School Ready with DFabShop

Say hi to my blog's latest sponsor, DFabShop! :) I've only been blogging for quite some time, but I am so happy that there are shops and companies that would like to work with me. Thank you so much to all the people who support my blog! Going back, I am so happy to be working with DFabShop cause I absolutely love bags! Let me tell you first what DFabShop is, before proceeding to the product review.

DFabShop is a local online shop that offers personalized and affordable bag and accessories. Aside from that, they also resell Human Heart Nature products, which I absolutely love as well cause they offer products only with natural ingredients. 

Here are some of the products that they offer: 

More products can be found at their Multiply page! They also do made-to-order accessories. You just have to contact DFabShop directly. :)

Here is the shop's terms and conditions:

And here is how to transact with them:

Easy, right? :)

Now on to the review:

Had to cover my home address. Teehee!

Ms. Dona of DFabShop sent me 3 products from their shop for me to review. The package came in on time and was wrapped in a bubble wrap which made the items inside safe from possible damage. All the items were wrapped individually and labeled.

The first item is the Zoe Sling Bag in Pink. (Priced at P475 and also available in Green, NOW ON SALE!)

Dimension: 12"(L)X14"(W)

- Made of Faux Leather
- Magnet Closure 
- One (1) zipper pocket inside
- Two (2) pockets inside
- Adjustable shoulder strap 

When I first saw the bag, I just fell in love with the color! There is nothing more girly than the color of this bag. This is something I would use when going to school or going to the mall. I'm not sure if it is entirely waterproof but it would definitely keep your things inside dry in case it rains. However, I suggest that you do not put heavy stuff in the bag to maintain its shape and prolong its life. Leave your leather bound books to your backpack. Overall, I absolutely love this bag's design and color as it could turn any outfit girly and feminine! 

Speaking of backpacks, I find it important to label them in some way. You don't want to look and feel awkward when you accidentally pick up someone else's bag because you both got the same product from the same shop. This is when DFabShop's Leather Bag Tags come in handy. This is a stylish way to label your bags so that they won't be mistaken with someone else's. No more awkward moments. :)

Lastly, I received a Denise All Around Bag in Brown Hearts. (P350, available in 8 different designs)

Dimensions: 18.5" length x 22" height x 4" width 

- Washable
- Printed Fabric (Cotton, Tafetta)
- Magnet Closure 
- 4 pocket inside (works as an instant bag organizer) 
- Man-made faux leather strap handle for a comfortable fit on the shoulder

This is definitely a bag that I would take to the beach! :) The print is very pretty and the material looks sturdy. You may put your leather bound books here! Teehee! I'd also use this a diaper bag for Z. I actually do not have a diaper bag for Z, but instead use my sister's canvas bag. This would be perfect to carry soiled clothes or bottles as it may be washed. I could also use this to fashionably carry my clothes from our home to our dorm in Manila instead of using a paper bag. This could definitely carry lots of clothes and won't get damaged because of the weight of the clothes.This bag definitely goes a loooooooong way!

To get your own DFabShop bag now, you may email them at dfabshop8@gmail.com. You may also message them on their Multiply page (http://dfabshop8.multiply.com) and their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/DFabShop/196649393713598).

Again, Thank you Ms. Dona of DFabShop for sending these adorable items! :) Please do watch out as DFabShop has a surprise for my lovely readers!

Which one is your favorite bag from DFabShop?

XO, Mish



  1. The heart one is so cute!

  2. I love your photos and your blog! You can visit my blog to pass and leave a comment and it may be the follow


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