03 May 2012

Romwe Mother's Day Contest

When I saw on Facebook that Romwe, would be hosting a contest for moms in time for Mother's day, I did not hesitate to join cause I would love to be hailed as a stylish mom by Romwe. Romwe is an online shop that offers awesome women's street fashion clothing, accessories, and more! I also joined the contest cause it would be the first time I'd be celebrating Mother's day as a mom. Yay! 

Here's the photo I sent as my entry. You may vote for my entry by liking the photo HERE
These photos were all taken when I got home after my graduation. Too bad I can't bring Z with me to the venue. Here are the rest of the photos that we took:

You might notice the he looks cranky. Well, he actually was. (see the frown on my baby's face) It was hot and his outfit feels stuffy on him.

Again, you may vote for my entry and help me win by liking the photo here! You may also win some accessories from Romwe by just commenting your email address here.

Anyway, this is what I exactly had in mind when I changed my blog's name from Looking From A Brighter Side of Things to LBD and Onesies. I want this blog to feature fashion, beauty and lifestyle as perceived by a young mom like me. I figure out that Z can't do frequent outfit posts with me yet, so that concept has to wait until he's big enough to pose with me. :)

On Mish:
Dress - Bangkok
Shoes - High Style Fancy
Necklace - Vice Versa

On Z:
Polo - H&M
Pants - H&M
Shoes - No brand

PS. Few more days before my Firmoo giveaway ends! Keep on sending in your entries. Click HERE to enter.

XO, Mish


  1. I've awarded you with the "One Lovely Blog Award" Check it out at:


  2. Ms. Mish! pwede ko ba malaman kung anong floor sa 168 mall yung Bangkok? Ang ganda kasi ng dress mo. I'm planning to buy a dress din kasi for my graduation on May 11. Ang cute ng dress mo, baka madami pang magaganda dun sa pinagbilhan mo. Thank You po :) If im not mistaken, nabasa ko sa isang post mo na sa 168 mo nabili yung white dress mo, Bangkok din yon diba? Thanks :)

    1. I also got this from 168! If I'm not mistaken, Pasilio 1-L, first floor. The white one was from a shop near the food court. Hope you find the perfect dress! :)

  3. ThankYou so much Ms. Mish! I'll check on that this weekend :)

  4. Hi Mommy Mish!

    You look really great for someone who just gave birth! What are your secrets? I need to lose more weight and tone my body ASAP. Haha!

    Anyway, it will be really great if you followed my mommy blog at http://supermommychronicles.blogspot.com. You'll find my mommy experiences there.


    1. I followed you back sis! I guess breastfeeding and lack of sleep made me get back in shape (almost) cause I still eat what I want, plus I can't workout cause I delivered Z via CS.

  5. wow. you're a mom na pala pero hindi halata. gorgeous. :)

    Much love,
    Arra ♥



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