07 May 2012

Oasap Summer Dresses Wishlist

I'd wear dresses everyday if only it weren't difficult to ride a tricycle or jeep with those. I just find it hard to keep my poise and composure when wearing mini skirts or dresses or too much accessories when commuting. But I make sure I wear them whenever I get the chance to do so. Anyway, I would like to share to you some of the dresses I have been drooling over at Oasap.comOasap.com is an online store that is famous for their street fashion apparels. They, literally, have everything for every woman!

Sleeveless Wrapped Flouncing Dress with Irregular Hemline

Mullet skirts and dresses are so in right now! I like this one cause the hemline is very trendy, yet the color is very classy.

Contrast Colored Bound Waist Long Sleeve Dress with Curved Hemline

The colors on this dress are just so pretty! Don't you think? Besides, wearing light colored apparel could definitely minimize the summer heat.

Sleeveless Structured Flower Bound Waist Dress with Irregular Hemline
This dress is just so dreamy! The floral detail is very girly and cute! :) I love how the dress looks so light and perfect for summer.

There you go! Check out Oasap.com for more women's fashion apparel. 

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XO, Mish


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