13 May 2012

My First Mother's Day

This is literally my first mother's day cause I was still pregnant with Z last year. :) I still find it surreal that I am now a mother, because everything went like a blur. Seriously, the 9 months wait didn't feel like a wait at all cause it was soooo fast! I never experienced the horrors of the first trimester (i.e. vomiting, dizziness, etc.) and I never had a baby bump until my 5th month, so the part I felt like I was pregnant only on my third trimester. The longest part of expecting would be when your a few weeks from your expected date of delivery.

I'd say that being a mom is such an irony! It is such a joy to be a mom, most especially when you see your kid smile! It is also joyous when you see your kid learn: his first laugh, first time to roll over, first time to say a word, and so on. It's felt so accomplished whenever he does something new. Motherhood is definitely not easy! The easiest part is actually delivering your baby. Once you become a mom, you can't quit or take a time off cause it is a 24-7 job. There are lots of sacrifices, but just seeing your child makes everything worth it!

I've never fully appreciated what my mom has done for me, until I became a mom myself. Of course, I am grateful, but there was a definitely a deeper appreciation for all the sacrifice that my mom has made. Now that I am now a mom, I strive to give my son all the best cause my mom gave me and my sisters all the best. We were sent to the best schools, sent to trips abroad, gave us the best things we could afford, and instilled on us great values that we'll forever keep. Now, she's helping me provide a better future for Z cause she knows that I am not capable yet. In return, I promise to give Z all the things that I have experienced or better! I am forever grateful to my mom for doing everything for us. She's the best woman on the world!

Happy mother's day to all the gorgeous and beautiful moms out there! :)

XO, Mish


  1. aww ur baby is sp cute.. its my first mothers day too and my baby boy is just 33days old..

  2. Happy mother's day to you and your mom :)

  3. Happy 1st Mother Day :)


  4. happy mothers day to you and your mom! :))

  5. happy mother's day to your mom and of course to you!:)
    it's the greatest work in the world.

    1. I agree! Most fulfilling as well! Thanks! :)

  6. so cute baby!!!!!!
    hppy mothers day

  7. Happy first mother day, you and your son are so cute together, I wish you all the best =)
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  8. You both are so adorable, happy mother's day sis!

  9. your baby is absolutely adorable!!

  10. How beautiful pictures! ♥

    Greetings from Finland,

  11. Yes,the longest wait is when you're actually waiting for him to come out of pod! Happy mother's day darling!

    1. Happy mother's day as well dear! :)


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