08 May 2012

Dip Dyed

I gave the dip-dyed trend a try by wearing a pair of awesome shorts my sister got from Punk-X-Pretty. They seriously have the best dip-dyed shorts I've seen from various online shops! I'd actually love to DIY my own shorts but I don't think I am artistic enough to make a good pair of dip dyed shorts. I tried cutting my pants before to convert them into shorts, but they turned out uneven. So I guess me and DIY-ing don't match.

I wore this to a random trip to the mall last weekend. I'm still no good at doing outfit shots cause I keep on smiling. :)

say hello to my butterfly birthmark!

The shorts did not originally had studs. My sister had them made at an extra cost, but it was definitely worth it. And I finally got to wear the shoes Ms. Cher of High Style Fancy sent me!

Top - Random brand
Shorts - Punk-X-Pretty
Bag - Vintage (from my grandma!)
Necklace - Divisoria
Shoes - High Style Fancy

How do you find this look? Have you tried the dip-dye trend yourself?

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XO, Mish


  1. I will forever love PunkXPretty shop! in fact its one of my sponsor for my giveaway.. :))
    Love the look!

    1. I joined your giveaway! :) Glad you like it!

  2. really love the purple/yellow colour combination- so unexpected and fun!

    Sophie x


    1. I agree! Purple and yellow do not usually go well together, but this turned out great!


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