02 April 2012

Swimsuit suitable for Young Moms

Choosing the perfect swimsuit is relatively hard when you become a mom.  You would want to hide all the flaws and flaunt the good stuff! It is a whole lot harder when you just gave birth when the stretchies are very visible (unless you are one of the blessed people with great skin elasticity) and your tummy is still flabby. But do not fret! There are now lots of varieties in swimsuits available in the market (aside from the usual two-piece bikini) that moms can definitely sport confidently.

  • Maillot or One piece swimsuits

Two tone cut out maillot, I love Koi

Ruffled maillot, Nudo Swimwear

Cutout maillot, Soak Swimwear

Vintage inspired maillot, Nudo Swimwear
These classics are the safest swimsuit to wear because they are great in concealing tummies and stretchies. They may be old school swimwear, but they are definitely not boring! They now come in different styles and colors for you to choose from! If you are feeling confident, you could try out these sexy cut out maillots which gives the body more curve.

  • High Waist Swimsuits

Bandage high waist, Soak Swimwear

Classic high waist, Nudo Swimwear

Edgy high waist swimwear, I love koi

This style is definitely back for good! Just like the classic one piece suits, there are now more variations and colors that are available in the market. The high waist swimwear are for people who want to look hot and reserved at the same time! Ironic right? But works great! The best thing about this is that you can mix and match colors and designs just like any other two piece swimsuits.

  • Multi way swimsuit

Multi way swimsuit, Soul Lifestyle
If you can't decide which style to get, you may opt for a reversible, multi-way swimsuit just like this. You will never run out of style with this kind of swimsuit! You may wear it in any way you like depending on your mood.

Choosing a swimsuit is actually simple. You just have to feel comfortable in it! You also have to be confident with your body no matter what shape or size you are. Confidence is always the key!

However, it is not advisable to take a swim if you recently just gave birth, say a month. You may want to take your time to let any incisions get healed well. As for me, I don't have any outing lined up yet cause the weather is not really beach/pool-friendly lately. But I'll definitely sport high waist swim wears when that time comes!

XO, Mish


  1. Somehow, I find maillots sexier than 2-piece bikini

  2. I can really rate mish!!:)
    i do have some hiwaist bikinis here.haha.hides my stretchmarks and still look fashionable! im on the hunt for a cute one piece too!:)

  3. I haven't given birth yet, not any time soon too, but I always have a hard time choosing swimsuits 'cause of my bulging tummy. I guess a cutout maillot is the way to go for me! :) Thanks for sharing these lovely swimsuit inspiration sis!

    Visiting from GT. Hope you can drop by on my blog.


  4. I'm liking the multiway swimsuit! Need to cover those stretch marks :)

  5. I am wishing to have those body, lol... not gonna happen to me. 100 pound is to much weight to me,. I love the swimsuet styles...your blog is awesome... www.lovelypettit_mom.blogspot.com

  6. I totally agree, Rae! And very classy!

  7. SalveeLangella: I am still about to score my own pair of high waist swimwear. I have tons of two piece swimsuit but I can't wear them anymore.

  8. Now following you, Sumi! I love cutout maillots. Hides the tummy, but shows the curves very well!

  9. Also love the multi way, Ami! It is quite pricey though, but most probably worth the price.

  10. lovelywife_pettitmom: you could definitely wear any swimsuit, no matter what shape or size you are! just find a style that flatters your body. :) and be confident!

    thanks for the visit!

  11. maillots are really the safe way to go. safe but still sexy :)

  12. I agree, definitely the safest!

  13. I like the highwaist swimsuits. They look vintage and classy. =)


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