10 April 2012

Shop G's Closet x Giveaway Announcement

Hello loves! How was your weekend? :)

My sisters and I are opening up our own online shop, featuring our preloved clothes! We have tons of clothes that needs new owners who'll take care of them. We also need space in our cabinet for Z's clothes! Be assured that all of our clothes were all well taken care of and in good condition. Some were worn once or twice. There are also clothes that have not been worn at all! So please visit our shop in Facebook and add us as your friend. :)

Shop G's Closet HERE
So why G's Closet?

Our mom's nickname is Gie, hence, the name of our shop. Our first collection is entitled Blanc et Noir cause all of the pieces are in black and white (and gray.) We have not launched it yet as we are still finalizing our products. So please watch out for that!

That's my sister modeling the clothes!

Check out G's Closet HERE!

PS. I will be launching my first,ever blog giveaway tomorrow, so please stay tuned for that! :)

XO, Mish


  1. i Hope you all the best for your online Shop

  2. nice! all the best for your online shop!happy launching! :)

  3. yay, congrats on you first collection.. hope you'll succeed at this field of business!


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