05 April 2012

Fashion and Protection With Firmoo Eye Wear

While I'm at a summer-y feel right now (check out previous posts here and here), I'd like to give importance to giving our eyes some love. It is definitely a must to wear sunglasses whenever we're out, most especially when you're hitting the beach (most of you will probably be on an out of town trip this Holy Week). Not only you protect your eyes from the sun's rays when wearing sunglasses, it also becomes a highlight of an outfit! Although, you may want to get prescription sunglasses if you have vision problems like me.

Firmoo.com might just have a pair for you! Firmoo.com is a global online optical store that offers a wide variety of quality prescription (and also non-prescription) glasses and sunglasses for men and women at a very affordable price. They have prescription glasses and sunglasses for as low as $8.00! Since there are tons of glasses to choose from, you may use their virtual try on to check which one pair is perfect for you. If ever you are not satisfied with their product, they offer to have it refunded or exchanged for another pair. But I bet, you'll never have to do that cause their products will satisfy your needs and wants!

The package came all the way from China!  Blurred out my address and mobile number, of course. :)
A pair of sunglasses came in through mail yesterday from Firmoo.com. The one I received was the Women's Full Frame Wrap Around Plastic Sunglasses (#OTO2560) in White and Black. I love this pair cause I prefer huge framed sunglasses that makes me look like a bee! (Seriously) This pair is just perfect for summer! This is available for prescription and non-prescription and it only costs $42.00.

actual photo of the product
The description of #OTO2560 from their website: This is a pair of women's plastic full frame prescription sunglasses. Voluptuously round lenses are beautifully crafted. This sumptuous and elegant sunglasses frame boasts extreme charm and glamour. This beautifully sculpted frame possesses a lavish and intrepid quality making itself a must for the coming season. Total weight is 30 grams with basic lenses. Frames can easily go well with clothes and bags, definitely fine for going shopping or walking along the beach.

This pair (and any other plastic frame glasses) comes with a spectacle case and eyeglasses bag, micro-fiber lens cloth, one screwdriver and extra screws. Metal frame glasses come with the same plus replacement nose pads. You'll never have to look for replacement screws and nose pads once they got lost cause Firmoo has it provided already!

Top from Oasis, Sunglasses from Firmoo.com
I love this pair because it fits me well. It doesn't droop at all! It also looks very durable and won't break easily. The best thing I love about this is that it is very chic! Also, Firmoo had this delivered in just two weeks considering that it is an international delivery. Not only do they have a fast delivery service, but they also have a great customer service. Product details are very well detailed in the website, so as the ways on how to take care of the eye wear.

They are currently offering free shipping for two or more orders and they are also offering free glasses for first time buyers! How awesome is that? Check out Firmoo Global Optical Online Store at http://firmoo.com for other glasses and sunglasses designs. Also check out their Facebook page and follow them in Twitter.

XO, Mish


  1. Such a great look! those sunglasses look amazing on you!

  2. Hello dear! i just found your blog,and i'm so glad i did,your such an inspiration,keep it up.
    btw,following your blog now via gfc.Mind to follow me back?


  3. Hello dear!
    thank you for you nice comment at my blog :)
    and i already follow yours..
    i like your sunglasses.. it's look perfectly fit to you ;)

  4. ohh i love this. i want to have one too =) indeed perfect for summer.. thanks for visiting and following my site. followed you back =)


    1. you may check out firmoo.com! they have lots of glasses to chose from. thanks for dropping by. :)

  5. It's perfect for the shape o your face You look great!

  6. I got a pair of glasses from firmoo too! The quality of their glasses are great. I want another one. :)

    1. great! :) i agree. i love the pair that they sent!

  7. i want one too but how much is their shipping fee to the philippines in peso ?


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