18 April 2012

Doll for a Day

Dress - Bangkok from 168
Belt - From 168
Shoes - Chick Flick Boutique
Earrings - My mom's

I raided 168 in Divisoria for hours before I found this piece. I find it hard to spot a white, long-sleeved dress that will be suitable for graduation. Some pieces I found were either sleeveless or too short. I actually bought this for a very cheap price cause it already has few damages on the armpit area, making me skeptical in purchasing it. But I gave in eventually cause I know I'll never find another piece that will suit my budget. I just had the part sewn before having it washed. Anyway, this is what I wore during our college graduation. I wore this over a Sablay, which is the traditional costume of our university. (Will have a separate post about that later!)

Sorry for the very poor editing. :p The lighting was really bad!

I love the dress cause it looks so dainty and feminine. I just wore a pair of beautiful pearl earrings and my favorite watch, which I wear every time I go out, with it to keep my look formal and minimal. I love my new shoes from Chick Flick Boutique, but unfortunately, it was a size (or probably, just half size) small.  My feet was in pain the entire time! Anyway, I might sell this pair cause I can't stand wearing them again. But nonetheless, I felt pretty with my look! :)

XO, Mish

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  1. I love your dress. It's so pretty and classy di halatang binili sa Divi. =)

    1. thanks dear! :) medyo mahirap lang mamili pero marami good finds sa divi.

  2. Replies
    1. unfortunately, those gorgeous shoes are small for me. :(

  3. very nice)it's a pity that your shoes are small, but anyway it's a great pair)
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    thank you!

    1. i know! too bad! will do check out your blog. :)

  4. i just love your dress and your shoes are just to die FOR!!!!!

  5. you do look like a doll!!


  6. Beautiful lace dress !

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