28 March 2012

Z's Christening!

with Z's Ninongs and Ninangs

Z's baptism was held last Sunday at the Mary the Queen Parish Church in Fairview. I only had two weeks to plan everything, yet it was successfully pulled off! Z, together with 10 other babies, were baptized that day. Despite the number, the priest made the baptism ceremony really fast. He probably noticed that some babies are already cranky. Z was crying during the entire ceremony, otherwise he was eating his tiny knuckles. I brought his pacifier with me to keep him calm, but it did not work. I think he was overwhelmed with the number of people present in the church. I guess it's time to expose him to people.

Me, my boyfriend, and Baby Z

The reception was held at Dory's Restaurant at Novaliches. It was a very simple and intimate reception. I invited my close friends, relatives, and some family friends to the event. Few were not able to make it though. I made the table centerpieces myself and the people from the restaurant assembled them at the venue and they also mounted the tarpaulin. They were also the ones who provided the cake. It was at an extra cost but at least we won't be hassled with picking up the cake. The cake they got was from Merced. We weren't able to serve them to the guests so we took it home. I like the cake cause it tastes like a good home-baked cake. It was moist and not sweet at all! I wasn't able to enjoy the rest of the food, but I assume it was really good. Aside from being busy entertaining our guests, I don't eat meat and the food selection was entirely meat. 

My party planning skills were tested by this event and there are several things that I have learned. First is to get someone else or hire someone to take pictures even if you have a good DSLR. We were so busy that we were not able to take lots of pictures. My sisters left the reception early, so no one else was left to take photos. The photos of Z's clothes (clothes on bed ala wedding) was done when we got home after the baptism. Second is to keep your belongings in a safe place or entrust it with someone who's not busy. Unfortunately, I lost my phone during the reception. Anyone could have had it cause we were sharing the room with another party. But nonetheless, I had a blast cause I got to see my friends and relatives and they were able to see Z. I am also happy that Z is now baptized and now a member of the Church which is the real essence of this event. 


  1. Welcome to the Christian World, Zack!

  2. Welcome to the Christian world Zack!
    Thanks for liking my photo. Saw your comment on my blog. Followed you in GFC :)


  3. Congratulations with the baptism and good luck to yor motherhood!

  4. Hello there! congrats to your family. am starting to love your blog, you’re so pretty =)) following you already! Hope you will follow my humble blog too..and hope to see more of your post =))


  5. May i know po how much u spent for the catering at dorys restaurant? Thanks


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