07 March 2012

A Wake-up Call

Justice for Given Grace Cebanico, Rochel Geronda, and Ray Bernard Penaranda!
I started out my college days at UP Los Banos before I transferred to UP Manila a year after.  I could say that UPLB became a second home for me. I'd travel every Sunday from our home in Bulacan to LB, stay there for the week, and go home on Fridays after my classes had ended. Even if it is really tiring (it takes 3 to 4 hours to travel from Bulacan to LB and vice versa) , going back to UPLB every week became a routine that I actually enjoyed. I made lots of good friends in the campus, from blocmates, other freshies, to varsity team mates (I joined the cheerleading squad). I also made a great friendship with my room mates (one of which was from Abra, another from Camarines Sur, and the other one was from General Santos City), despite our differences. We literally spoke different languages. I get to wear anything I want to school. You could get as comfy as you want because you may wear your pambahay outfits and tattered flip flops to class and people won't care. I didn't need to wake up really early for a class because the building is a few minutes walk from our dorm. The best thing about LB was I learned how to be independent and responsible, something I wouldn't learn until I move out of our house.

The campus is very peaceful and conducive to learning. It is very inviting because of the gorgeous scenery of the Mount Makiling. The place actually felt very safe, until recently. Cases of rape, robbery, and murder have been reported inside the campus. I thought that Mount Makiling erupting is the worst thing that could happen to me in LB but this is much worse! I find it very alarming because it shows that the second home that UPLB students consider is not safe anymore. I used to walk alone at night inside the campus, usually after training or watching a play, so I was shocked with what happened. The victim could have been me! I think it is about time that security inside and outside the UPLB campus be strengthened. We could not risk any more lives because of irresponsibility and inaction of the authorities. The UPLB campus should always be safe for everyone who has considered it a second home, myself included.


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