20 March 2012

Updates: Party/Baptism Planning

I have posted a few weeks ago about planning for my baby boy's baptism. So here is a list of what I have accomplished and things that I still have to do:

1. We have finally decided to hold Z's baptism at Mary the Queen Parish Church in Fairview and have Dory's Restaurant for the reception.

2. The guest list and the list of god parents are all settled. I have chosen 25 people to be his god parents, 5 of which are based abroad. We're expecting a total of 80 people, but I have still to confirm if they're really coming. I don't want to make excess reservations with the restaurant of course.

3. I have already bought clothes for Z (reception clothes only) and me. Of course, the mommy also deserves to look pretty! I still have to buy the actual clothes for Z's christening because one of his god parents who came home from Norway yesterday pledged to buy one for him. The polo and pants that he gave him are so cute! Unfortunately, it was too big!

4. I have already sent out e-invites on Facebook and have the tarpaulin printed out already.

5. I bought balloons from Divisoria yesterday cause I'll be the one to make the centerpieces. I also bought the giveaways there. I still have to make a layout for the thank you card and have it printed.

6. I have already bought the candles and I'll just decorate it with ribbons to make it look more attractive.

6. The restaurant will be the one to produce a cake for us. Of course, at an extra cost. They will be the one to do the set up of the venue. My mom called the owner and asked if they will do the setup. The owner told my mom that they will do a pink set-up on the venue! She thought Z was a girl! :| Good thing my mom called to have that issue resolve.

I am really excited for Z's Christening cause, finally, he'll become a member of the Catholic Church. I am also excited cause I'll get to see my friends and they'll also be able to see my baby. I just hope that things work out well on the day itself. :)

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