06 March 2012

On Stretchmarks and C-Section Scars

I might have always had dark knees and numerous scars (thanks to cheer leading, gymnastics, and my poor eyesight), but I've always had the confidence to be comfortable with what I got. I'd wear a two piece swimsuit on a local resort where everyone wears a white shirt to swim or I'd wear a short shorts or a midriff top to school and not care a bit on how people would think of me. I could say that I wear clothes that would show off my assets and personality. I am very rarely insecure of myself until recently. To my horror (and of course, my delight), I got pregnant.

Just right before I got pregnant. :|
My mom had stretchmarks which I assume she got after giving birth to my twin sisters. Of course, imagine how big her tummy got with two babies inside. And I had some myself, on my calves, before getting pregnant, so I had the greatest possibility of developing them on my tummy. I used body butter to prevent them and hoped that they won't appear. Unfortunately, those stretchies appear on my tummy when I was almost due, so there goes the days of wearing midriff tops and bikini tops. I also had to say goodbye to my belly button ring. :( To my greatest dismay, I had to undergo a Cesarean section because I've been in labor for so long and my baby had already pooped inside my tummy. I asked my doctor to perform a bikini cut which she did beautifully. But even if I can hide it, there will always be a scar.

Was going through all of this worth it?

Not mine. :p
Image from Google Images.

DEFINITELY, YES! I was given a beautiful baby boy. Every moment spent with Z is such a joy and delight. There are definitely no regrets. 

I might be branded with numerous battle marks and a mommy scar all my life, but those are only proofs of how much love I have for my son. Without those, I wouldn't have Z, so I am thankful for every flaw I got in my body. As for my stretchies (which, thankfully, can be concealed) and c-section scar, there's always Contratubex and laser treatments, and high waist swimsuits are still in!


  1. oh, I didn't know that you're a mom! you look so thin and sexy sa previous post mo. :) btw, Thank you for joining my giveaway. :)

  2. I just gave birth almost 4 months ago. :) Thankfully, I didn't gain so much weight during my pregnancy. No problem. ;)

  3. i have stretchmarks as well after i gave birth to my son and thank God it's not that many. its also not that noticeable unless i wear a very lowcut bikini =)

  4. Same! I also had few stretchmarks near my c-section scar so its not really noticeable. the real culprit was the scar I got from my belly button ring.

  5. Im actually pregnant on my 2nd baby and Im only 24. I had a normal delivery on my first one and im hoping for another normal delivery on my 2nd one. Im due this july, im still scared just
    Ike the first one and unfortunately i developed strtetch marks too. But i guess it's part of being a proud mom. :)

    Follow each other?

    1. I saw your photos! You look great despite being pregnant! :) Sure!


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