02 March 2012

Intersecting Lines

I made this poem for a Math class a few years ago (Weird, I know!), hence, the title. :)

If our paths were to meet just once,
only once in a lifetime,
will it ever be worth it?
If forever was never real,
but a mere spur of a moment,
should I still believe in that
and keep my faith into something,
something inexistent to begin with?
If I were to be dominated by you,
and be emptied after a second,
shall I wait for your return,
or should I move on and grow?
If you were to captivate me,
and would soon depart me,
then I wish and hope and pray
that you never existed at all.
That never in my entire existence
would our paths ever cross.
If our way would unexpectedly meet,
I still wish and hope and pray
that you were just a nightmare,
never to change me,
never to breathe the same air,
never to leave me broken and empty,
never to leave me wishing,
that a second chance will ever come.
For it will never happen,
even if I wait and wait and wait
'Cause maybe, just maybe,
we're never meant to be at all
and that some things,
even the best of things
are never meant to last for long...

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