12 March 2012

North Bound

We went back again to the province last weekend for my grandfather's death anniversary. It's been 2 years since he was gone and we sure do miss him! On this trip, I was able to prepare more for Z's stuff. I actually did the preparing a day before and thankfully, didn't leave anything behind. :) I was supposed to use the Playtex Drop-ins that my cousin gave me but I didn't have extra teats for that and I'd have to bring the steam sterilizer anyway.

Z and mommy. :)

It was a very hot Saturday and Z got cranky all throughout the day. We stayed most of the time at my grandma's airconditioned room so that Z would calm down. I am grateful that some of our relatives came to commemorate my grandfather's death anniversary with us, so as some of my grandma's friends from the church. Z was also able to meet my other lolo (mom's dad), his great grandfather.

the gang!

We tried to left as early as possible since Z is scared of the dark and cries during night driving, but we miscalculated the time. We stopped by at the family compound at Tarlac and at Caltex in San Fernando NLEX to get some pasalubong for my sisters at Razons. We got home an hour after the sun has gone. Z cried the entire time. We tried to keep him calm by lighting up a flashlight (which isn't actually safe when driving at night.) Poor baby!

Stopover at Caltex NLEX
Dress: H&M, slippers: Cloud 9 by Ninewest

like a boss!


  1. Lovely pictures! You look adorable!
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