16 March 2012

Happy 4th Month Baby Z! :)

It's been 4 months since I gave birth to my little boy. He's grown so much in such a short time! What more if he's already a year old? He only weighed 2.28 kilos when he was born. He was so tiny and fragile that my sisters were scared to carry him.

Mommy loves you Z! :)

Now, he's lean and tall. I guess he got that from his dad. He's also very friendly and charming. He smiles at everyone, unless he's cranky because he's sleepy or hungry. He can support his head now. Sometimes he doesn't like to lean on the person carrying him, he'd rather sit upright by himself! He likes playing with his hands and he likes eating them lol. So we make sure they're always clean. He's also very malikot (even when he's asleep) and talkative! He loves eavesdropping on people's conversations and he'd actually sometimes butt in with his baby talk. He sometimes even talks to the characters of Sesame Street while watching on TV. Here's a video of him talking. :) (It is very short because he stopped talking when he realized that he was being filmed)


  1. They grow up so fast right?
    Happy four months baby Z!

    I love your the LBD and onesie picture, did you made it?

  2. yup i was the one who made the header.

    yup, they really grow up so fast. thanks Marie! :)

  3. He's so big now.

    So cute, I can imagine him not leaning. :D My little sister used to do that too.


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