14 March 2012

Dress Hunting/Wishlist

*Panic mode* I need three dresses for 2 coming occasions, but got very little budget for that cause I have to prioritize Z's christening first. The first dress would be for Z's christening. I need something fresh (floral patterns, pastel colors) with a very light fabric, perhaps a chiffon dress. I don't want to be sweating buckets while carrying Z in the church! Also, I need something that is church/mom approriate ;)

Image from Jellybean

Love this!
Image from Jellybean

The second dress I'd be needing is for my college graduation wherein we'll be wearing a white dress and a sablay. I am not sure if the dress should be a Filipiniana inspired dress or any white dress. But I've seen people from previous batches wore simple white cocktail dresses in lieu of a Filipiniana. (Haven't seen an insipration for this one)

The third dress would be for the university graduation. I assume we could wear any kind of dress since we'll be wearing togas over it. I wanted an Herve Leger bandage dress but they are very pricey. I found a local brand, Hbyglicaros, which sells Herve Leger inspired dresses at a lower price. Their pieces are gorgeous! If my budget permits, I'd definitely score one of their dresses.

See? Gorgeous!
Image from Hbyglicaros FB Page
Image from Hbyglicaros FB Page
It is very true that your priorities change when you have a baby. But I got no regrets. I love buying things for Z! Going back, I'm still contemplating on what pieces to get or if I should go to Divisoria and do my dress hunting there. I'd love to hear your suggestions, dolls. :)

PS: I saw a piece similar to this at SM Fairview. Would definitely get one for Z when we go to Subic.
Image retrieved from Google Images

PPS: I found out that Forever21 in Makati will have a sale. Too far from our house! I wonder when will they open a branch up north? :)


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  2. I'm not a mom yet, but I can relate to what you said about changing priorities and changing spending habits.

    Some things happened in my life that I needed to do that and I find that I'm now sticking to classic pieces, tapos pump up the glam factor na lang with accessories.

  3. Iba talaga ang feeling when your a mom. :) Kahit na I'm still young I can feel the responsibility na dapat si baby muna before me.

    Thanks for the advice! :)


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