26 March 2012

DIY-ing for Z's Baptism

Z's baptism was successfully held yesterday. He's now a legit member of the Catholic Church! :) Anyway, I'll blog all about that later. For now, I would like to dedicate this blog post on some items that I made with love for Z's baptism.


I initially wanted a red, black, and white theme for Z's baptism but I saw this layout on the internet and I liked the design and the colors. I edited it using Photoshop, in which I'm no pro. I posted this in an event I made in Facebook.  I only had electronic invites through Facebook, which saved me lots of money from printing actual invites.


I also saw this layout on the internet and edited it using Photoshop. I had it printed at the mall for only 180 pesos. If my memory serves me right, the size of the tarpaulin is 2x3 meters.


the cast

Of course, I wouldn't leave the candles bare! So I bought some black and blue ribbons from SM Department Store and wrapped them around the candles. They looked cute in an instant.

I also made the balloon centerpieces and the thank you cards for the guests. The blue, black, and white balloons for the centerpieces were bought at Divisoria, the ultimate party needs haven! Unfortunately, I cannot find a decent picture of those.

DIY-ing has saved us a lot on extra and avoidable costs. For example, making layout for the invitations and tarpaulins usually costs extra, so simply creating your own or getting a layout from the internet will help you save more. You could just have them printed at home or you could just send out e-invites, just like what I did. Simple balloon centerpieces are also expensive so I opted to made them myself. There are lots of tutorials in YouTube that you can learn from. I suggest though that you plan ahead of time for a party to have enough time to prepare and DIY (instead of cramming , which I did) to save lots of moolah! 

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