01 March 2012

Disposable Vs. Reusable Milk Storage System

My cousin recently gave me two boxes of Avent Naturally Disposable Tempo Liners, an Avent Tempo bottle and a Playtex Drop-ins bottle with 5 disposable liners which I intend to reserve for future trips. But since we won't be travelling that much, I decided to dedicate one box of Avent disposable liners, which contains 100 pieces, for storing my expressed breast milk. Prior to using disposable liners, I have been using Evenflo Comfort Select Storage Bottles and the Medela storage bottle that came with the Medela Harmony breast pump.

Here is a comparison of both milk storage systems:

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Avent Naturally Liners (Disposable)

  • It is pre-sterilized so it's safe to use for storing breast milk.
  • It does not take up much space in the freezer.
  • Milk is easier to thaw.
  • It has volume markings for easier reference.
  • Cheaper than reusable bottles, depending on the brand.
  • You need a plastic sealer in order to store milk. (We have one at home)
  • You need to use at least two liners because it sometimes leaks.
  • The container is not stable so milk freezes oddly.
  • Transferring milk from liner to bottle is sometimes messy.
  • You cannot pump directly into the liner. (Unless you have an Avent breast pump or a breast pump converter and a Tempo bottle)
  • Definitely not environment friendly!

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Evenflo Comfort Select Storage Bottles (Reusable)

  • I can directly pump milk to this bottle.
  • It fits my Medela pump and it is a whole lot cheaper than Medela storage bottles.
  • Does not spill!
  • Milk is easier to transfer from storage bottle to baby's Avent bottles.
  • Safer to use than disposable liners as it prevents contamination of expressed milk more. (In my opinion)
  • Takes up too much space in the freezer! (We do not have anything else in the freezer except for my dad's beer bottles and ice cube container.)
  • I sometime ran out of bottles because either they are still at the freezer/ref or they are not yet washed and sterilized. (We sterilize bottles only once or twice daily)
  • Some milk storage bottles are expensive.


I'd still choose the reusable bottles over the disposable liners because they are easier and more convenient to use. I only used the disposable ones because they were just presents from my cousin (Free!) and we have a plastic sealer on hand. If not for this, I would definitely not use it. I would say that the disposable milk storage system is for people who do not have enough space in their freezers or refrigerators for their expressed breast milk. But if you have enough space for freezing and storing breast milk, reusable bottle is the way to go! It may be more expensive up hand, but it saves us more money in the long run.

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