29 February 2012

Planning for Z's Christening

Z's christening was originally scheduled on April 21st since my graduation rites is scheduled on April 20th. By the way, I graduated last October but our school holds only one graduation ceremony for the entire school year, hence, the April graduation. The original plan was we'll have one party for both occasions but my mom suddenly decided to make it earlier (she'll be paying). We have decided to set it on March 25 instead. So here I am, rushing through things and hoping that I'll be able to pull this off.

I actually have no idea how to plan for christenings but thank God for Smart Parenting Forums I was able to get some idea. So here's my checklist for Z's christening. I don't know yet how much the budget is, so I only included the basics.

1. Church
  • My mom wanted the christening to be held here in our parish church, but it would be hassle for our guests since most of them are coming from Quezon City and Manila area. We are yet to decide if it would be held in Good Sheperd Cathedral near FEU Hospital or in Mary the Queen Parish Church near SM Fairview.
2. Reception Venue
  • We have decided to hold it at Dory's Restaurant near Jordan Plains Subdivision. My mom knows the owner and we love their food. :)
3. Guestlist and Godparents
  • Our guestlist depends on the budget but I guess it would be more than 50 people.
  • I already have a list of godparents, but it's not yet final.
4. Invitations and Tarpaulin
  • I am thinking of sending out e-invitations instead of the usual invitations.
  • I am no good at Photoshop, so I'll probably look for someone who makes tarps and invites.
5. Christening clothes
  • Will visit Divisoria soon! But will check SM Fairview first. They have a 3-day sale this weekend.
  • I also have seen cute costumes on Multiply that Z can use during the reception. But I doubt that those would fit him well because the smallest sizes are for 6 month old babies.
So cute!
I like this one. :)
I like this, but my baby might be sweating buckets when he wears this.

6. Cake
  • I want an Estrels Cake or those fancy fondant cakes. :)
Simple yet so cute!
Love the details!

7. Venue Decors and other props (candles, etc.)
  • I don't know yet. :| But I'd love a red and white or blue and green theme!
8. Photo services
  • My dad has a good camera and good photography skills. I'll probably be the one to edit the pictures.
9. Giveaways
  • Again, I don't know yet. Will probably scout Divisoria for this also.

So that's it! Have I missed out on anything? What do you guys think? :)


  1. your baby is so cute. good luck on your planning. =)

  2. I had to plan my baby's christening while I was still studying too. To make it hassle-free for us, we hired a caterer who will do our requests at no or little cost.

    For instance, we discussed how we wanted the venue to look like and she did all the decorating for us. I also requested a specific fondant cake.

    As for the invites and tarps, the hubby and I designed it (I took the photos, he made the layout through Adobe) and we just had it printed. If you know how to edit, you can do this yourself and have it printed somewhere. At least it will be extra personalized.

    We chose to give cupcakes as giveaways. This was taken care of by our caterer as well.

    I hope these tips help! :)

  3. I might consider cupcakes as giveaways! The guests would really appreciate it. Thanks for the tips! :)

  4. you may want to check out my prev blog entry on my son's christening last july 2011. our actual cake and the pic of the cake you have some similarities. btw, my baby boy have the white tux with red ribbon, so cute!

  5. i read your post sis. :) grabe 20k budget in 2 weeks. sana i'll be able to pull off something like that.


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