27 February 2012

One Step Closer

I just found out that I passed San Beda College of Law's entrance examination! I'm still, however, waiting for UP College of Law's entrance exam results, which I have no idea as to when it will be released. Nonetheless, I am happy! :)

That boxed number is my application number. The one before me was a classmate in college. We both passed! :)

Let me tell you a back story on how lucky I've been because things (in line with my dream on pursuing law practice) fall into the right place no matter what. UP College of Law's entrance examination is usually scheduled on the 3rd or 4th week of November. But for the coming school year, it was scheduled on the 3rd week of January. Had it been scheduled on November, I would not have been able to take the exam because I was due the same month. I gave birth on November 16 via C-Section and there would be no way I could make it. So I thank God for at least giving me a chance to take the test whether I get into UP or not. :) By the way, I also passed the Civil Service Examination - Professional Level which I took last October 2011. I am so blessed! :)

Z and me as we are about to go to UPD for my entrance exam.

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