27 February 2012

The Notebook

A repost from my old blog. ;)

I was alone and bored so I decided to pop some DVD into my laptop. I’ve only got few DVDs with me, so I went with The Notebook. Yeah, I watched the so-called most romantic movie ever. And yes, I was alone and it would have been better if I got to watch it with someone. I’ve actually seen it a couple of times already and every single time I got to watch it actually feels like the first time. It’s just as heartfelt and as romantic as the first time I have seen it. Funny it may seem but the movie made me shed tears, again.

I love watching romantic movies ever since, though I value old romantic movies more. Romance is all about classicism and timelessness anyway. Watching romantic movies somehow relieves my stress and makes me all dreamy. It gives me this fuzzy unexplained feeling and it makes me feel what they are feeling and it actually feels good. It makes me fantasize about things beyond my wildest imagination. Questions would suddenly surge into my head. Will I have the chance to have such? Will I have a happy ending with someone as well?

Even with all the mushiness we could get from these romantic movies, there is nothing dreamier and more surreal than a love story you experience yourself. Yes, the real kilig moments we get from our a-mile-far-from-Noah-like boyfriends or a-mile-far-from-Allie-like girlfriends. A sincere “I love you” or a kiss on the forehead from someone really special is way better than watching Noah say or do that to Allie. A tangible origami flower made from yellow paper with some gooey note on it from someone is more heartfelt than seeing a bouquet of roses on films. And what romantic movie can beat witnessing your most cherished write your name after his surname? There is nothing.

Let’s admit it, we try to put ourselves in the shoes of Allie and Noah much that we consider their story as ideal but there is, in fact, more to experience than what they had. All the days spent with someone special can actually come up with an amorous story - probably better than what Allie and Noah had. I believe that every couple sharing a great passion and love for each other have their own “The Notebook.” As what the quote on the casing of the DVD implies, behind every great love is a great story.

- Jul 18, '08 6:16 PM

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  1. I watched this movie with my 2 brothers. After the movie, I went to my room and cried a little, I didn't want my brothers to see that I cried. When I went out, my brothers are already in their rooms. When they went out, I was sure they were somewhat teary-eyed--and they were manly men!

    Afterwards, nag-usap kami, sabi nung isa kong brother, 'ate naiyak ka din?'

    This is truly one of my fave movies.


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