23 February 2012

Hitting the Roads with a Baby

My parents are originally from Nueva Ecija so we regularly visit our relatives there. Before I had a baby, travelling was a breeze. Now with Z, it's different. I don't know how other moms handle this, but travelling with a baby is one of the most stressful things I've experienced. Packing up Z's stuff is very time consuming so it is important to prepare it ahead of time. Unfortunately, our recent trip to the province was not planned at all. I ended up cramming. I failed to bring his water and extra pajamas. Poor boy!

With this experience, I made up a list of things to bring to make packing up for baby's things easier and some tips to make travelling with a baby lighter! ;)

1. Clothing and diapering:

  • For an overnight trip, make sure to bring at least 6 set of clothes. Bring hats or bonnets for baby to use at night or when it is cold.
  • Bring lotssss of diapers! It is easier to use disposable diapers when travelling and we always bring at least 12 pieces for an overnight trip
  • Also bring lots of burp cloths! Kiddos sometimes get dizzy and throw up.
  • Include in your diaper bag some wipes, alcohol, changing mat, rash cream or petroleum jelly and other toiletries such as baby soap, vitamins, and medicines.
  • Also bring a separate bag to place soiled clothes and burp cloths.

2. Car seat:

  • Although we do not have any law in the Philippines regarding the use of car seats, trips are easier when babies are on their car seats and it also much safer! Just don't forget to bring toys to entertain them during the long drive.
  • Also, bring a flashlight during night trips. I do not know if it is just my baby, but he is afraid of the dark. My dad can't drive with the lights of the car on, so we used a flashlight as a dim light.

Happy Z on his car seat! :)

3. Feeding:
  • Avent Tempo or Playtex Drop Ins come in very convenient during travel because there is no need to bring your bulky steam sterilizers. Just make sure to bring clean and sterilized extra teats.
  • Manual breast pumps also come in handy during trips because it can be used without electricity and it is easy to assemble. My Medela Harmony was very useful during the trip.
  • Make sure to feed your baby before leaving. It is challenging to feed the baby in the car especially if your baby is bottle fed and feeding the baby while travelling makes the baby more prone to throwing up. My baby did. :|
Image retrieved from Google.
These bottles would be your life saver during a trip!

4. Other stuff:
  • Bring baby's bedding and pillows to make sure that he's sleeping in hypo allergenic and clean cloth.
  • Make sure that his daily schedule won't change! He would have a hard time adjusting again and it would be stressful to your baby.
So there you go! I'll probably add more tips when we hit the roads again. Looking forward to another out of town trip this summer! :)

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